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Trust and Relationship are our Hallmark

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Our Services

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Doctor's Desk

In Person/ Telepsychiatry

Virtual visits

  • We see clients both face-to face and telehealth

  • Face- to-face Eliminate technology issues.

  • We build stronger relationships.

  • Your sessions are 100% confidential

  • Your written consent is always needed before we share anything about you 

  • Bringing mental health care closer. Easily accessible, strict, secured, confidential

Easy, Convenient, safe, trusted

Appointment from the comfort of your home, vacation, office, or wherever the day takes you.

Prescription Medication

Medication is an indispensable tool to help with symptoms that can negatively affect your daily life but there are times that medication may not be what you need. So we make you choose the course of treatment you feel is best for you. 

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Our Services

Come to us with any of the following 

Prescription Drugs

Medication Management

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Substance Use

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Bipolar, Depression and Mood disorders

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Anxiety and Panic

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Life stressors

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Insomnia and sleep disorders

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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Post traumatic stress disorder

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Young adult teen specific issues

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Irritability and Anger

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